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Trousers and Leggings are some of the most vital components of a woman's wardrobe. They are not as popular as jeans, and are considered much more demographic-sensitive. Nonetheless, all modern women should own a pair of trousers or leggings at the least. Trousers and leggings often come into play when women are not going for women's dresses. For the sake of completion of fashion outfits, women's trousers contribute to the bigger picture when paired with a trendy blouse, or a stylish top. The same applies to leggings, however much they may be considered more of laid-back fashion. The trousers sold on Jumia can be either formal or casual. Formal trousers are often considered as dress pants. They are mostly available in grey, black and khaki blend perfectly with office shirts or fitted sweaters. Alternatively, casual trousers are designed to suit the comfort of the woman wearing them, and are ideal for the relaxation of a weekend with friends. Much like dress trousers, they complement the silhouette of the woman wearing them and are availed from a range of brands and manufacturers, including prominent labels such as H&M and Glassons. Leggings, on the other hand, come in many colors, patterns and styles. These clothing articles were originally created for exercise, but have now took the fashion world by storm, becoming quite the trend amongst women of all ages. Women's leggings are best worn with sweaters or cardigans, along with wedges or flats. But the best part about them is they allow a greater deal of accessorizing to occur by looking good with almost all sorts of jewelry and ornaments. These items are sold almost anywhere and everywhere, but it is always an issue for women to travel around town, trying on different clothing items, and carrying numerous shopping bags around. To serve as a solution to this problem, Uganda's leading online shopping site allows you to purchase a range of trousers and leggings from sellers around the country, all at the click of a button. So visit Jumia today, and discover the best deals on trousers and leggings.