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The Best Slippers for Women

Comfortable women's shoes is one of the things that makes a complete outfit. Imagine not being comfortable in the shoes you're wearing. No matter how beautiful your outfit looks, you would not look happy or relaxed. Also, you would be in a lot of pain and at the end of the day, you might even hurt your foot. This is why one is advised not to wear high heels all the time, because some of them bend the legs at awkward angles, and you run the risk of falling off them.

A perfect alternative to wearing shoes all the time would be to wear slippers. Slippers are footwear that are very comfortable, with little or no heels and can be worn indoors or outdoors. They are very comfortable and depending on the type, can be worn anywhere. They are mostly worn with casual clothes, because shoes always go better with formal wear, and because they (slippers) are laid back.

Due to the way slippers are, they can be worn by anyone without having to worry about slipping and falling, or twisting an ankle. For this sole purpose alone, they are the best bet for heavily pregnant women, so there is no risk of falling and hurting the baby. Also, if you already have foot injuries, like a sore or a sprain, you do not want to worsen it by wearing tight shoes that won't let your feet breathe. Lastly, most women just carry slippers in their bags for days when they might be on their feet for long and would not be able to take the pressure after a while. Slippers makes it easy for people who cannot wear heels for long to still be able to wear them, and then just switch after a while.

There are different types of slippers that one can choose from, depending on the purpose for which they would serve. Some of them include:

• Slip-on slippers: these are made with a fabric upper layer that encloses the top of the foot and the toes but leaves the heel open.
• Closed slippers: these kind of slippers come with a heel guard that prevents the foot from sliding out.
• Sandal slippers: these are cushioned sandals with soft rubber or fabric soles. It is fastened to the foot by straps.
• Slipper boots: these are slippers designed to look like boots. They are usually furry boots with a fleece or soft lining and have a soft rubber sole.
• Moccasin slippers: these are made of soft leather or pelts. They are mostly beaded, to reflect the style of cultures.

N.B: The best time to try on your shoes is when you have had a busy day. This is when the feet are most swollen and it is easier to gauge one's size then.

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