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The eyes are the most delicate organ of the body. They are very sensitive and the sun, on a hot day, or the wind on a cold day could be a problem for the eyes. Protecting the eyes from such elements is a priority and there is now a good way to do them and still look like a fashionista. This is by simply wearing sunglasses.

Sunglasses are a part of women's fashion accessory used for covering the eyes. They are very stylish and women especially favor them, and although they are mostly a fashion statement, they can be used for so much more. The health benefits of sunglasses are numerous and for some of the reasons listed below, everyone should have at least, a pair of sunglasses in their wardrobe.

• Protection from UV rays: minus having to strain the eyes every time we are under the sun so that we can see clearly, the sun emits ultraviolet rays that could be very harsh on the eyes and cause cataracts or snow blindness, which is a painful sunburn on the surface of the eyes. Sunglasses come in handy for times when you have to step out and the sun is just too hot.
• Comfortable vision: the brightness of the sun can put so much strain on the eyes that we don't even know about. Squinting the eyes so much just to see can make the eyes water and eventually have problems, and also cause wrinkles to develop on the face.
• Prevents cancer: it is wise to wear sunglasses outdoors for this reason alone. Cancer on the eyelids and the skin around the eyes is very real and more common than people think.
• Dark adaptation: when you are out in the sun for too long, your vision tends to darken when you step into a room and then adjusts after a while. This can hinder driving at night especially if you have spent the whole day out in the sun.

There are different constructions of sunglasses and some of them include:
Metal sunglasses: these are sunglasses with a thin metal frame that are very strong, but are also very rigid. When they are twisted or bent, they have a tendency to break or bend permanently.
Plastic frame sunglasses: these are lightweight, strong and pretty much flexible. With a rubber coating on the bridge and earpieces of sunglasses frames. They can easily remain positioned on the face.

Various styles of sunglasses include:
Aviator glasses: these usually have a dark metal frame and reflective or smoked lenses. They are designed to block the sun from all angles and were initially worn by pilots, hence the name.
Cat eye glasses: these styles have up-swept angles and retro frames and are a favorite among the women because of the feminine vibes they give off.

Other types include brow line, sports and retro square styles.

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