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High Heels to Make Any Lady Stand Out

High heels are a fashion statement that has been a part of the society for a very long time. Originally worn in Egypt around 3,500 B.C, they are shoes worn to give the wearer a look of class and elegance. They are different from other women's shoes because they usually have heels are thicker and taller than the sole on all the rest of the shoe, thereby making the wearer look much taller and sophisticated.


There are different types of high heeled shoes, all with varying levels of comfortability. Some of them include:

• Wedges heels: the heels of these shoes are fashioned in a way where they are not separated from the rest of sole. They are probably the most comfortable heels you can wear.
Platform heels: the heels are equal in thickness from the front to the back and range in all heights. They are also very comfortable because keep the feet in their natural, flat position.
Stiletto heels: stilettos are high heeled shoes with extremely thin heels that can range between 2 to 10 inches. They can be very uncomfortable but they make the wearer's legs look elongated and rather toned.
• Kitten heels: these shoes have short heels, mostly never above 2 inches high. They are very comfortable and give a formal look to the wearer's outfit.
• Peep toe heels: the beauty of these shoes is how you can flash one or two perfectly manicured nails without showing off the whole feet. It's a perfect tease shoe.
• Cut out heels: cut out heels, like the name suggests, have a portion of the upper par6 cut out for effect. They are the rather funky version of high heels.
High heel sandals: these are basically heels with a sandal like upper part.
• Slingback heels: these heels have a strap that goes around the back of the Achilles heel. They are very stable and comfortable.
High heel pumps: they are usually low cut around the front, are usually wider and range between 2 to 3 inches in height.
• Cone heels: the height of this particular kind of heels range from short to tall. The heels are wide where they meet at the sole and then they get narrower as they go down. They are quite comfortable but not so stable.




Wearing high heels a lot might not be so comfortable and might eventually hurt the feet, so it is usually advisable to take breaks from them once in a while and wear flats. Another trick to making heels work is to get the perfect size and height for yourself. You would never feel happy or satisfied with yourself if you're not comfortable in what you're wearing. Stay away from the really high and penciled heels if you cannot walk in them because one of the beauties of heels is how well you walk in them.


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