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Shop a wide variety of original Xbox game console for your Xbox video games. On Jumia you will find great deals on an array of Xbox game consoles for your need. The original Xbox was released in 2001 and while the handheld game console has traveled through over 8 generation, the need to experience a great gaming experience can not be over emphases. That is why we have collected different type of the best game console for your gaming need. Each original game console system come shipped with the original XBOX system, One controller and all the hookups

The Xbox game console comes in different types and offer a lot of distinct advantage. First is the memory card which comes with the device. Initially, the first generation of the game console comes with 250GB but new generation game console now has a default memory size of 500GB which means you can store your favorite music on it while playing your game. Also, we have different type Xbook game console available. You can shop for Xbox 360 game console or simply buy the Xbox One game console for kids.

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Discover the best prices on Xbox Games Console Jumia Shop. We have a large collection of original Xbox console to give you great value for your money. The Xbox game console comes in a stylish design that is perfect to give you great value for your cash. If you love Xbox games, you will want to get these ranges of video game console. We have made online shopping on Jumia Uganda hassle free, and we pride ourselves as the retail store to buy the best Xbox one console in Uganda.