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Every organization around the world makes use of Printers. They are used to print text and graphics on paper. Printers are computer accessories or peripherals that can be connected to the computer before it can be used to print. There are various kinds and types of printers. When buying a printer, there are key specifications you need to consider.
You need to decide if you want a Laser printer or an Inkjet printer. Laser printers are growing strong as they combine fast print speeds, sharp output and low cost per page. Like copiers, laser printers use a photographic drum to attract electrically charged toner and then transfer it to paper, where the image is fused using a heated roller. Inkjet printers are really versatile as they can produce both crisp text and rich photo prints. Inkjets print an image by applying a precisely controlled stream of tiny ink droplets from one or more cartridges to a variety of paper types.
Also, you need to know the operating system of the PC or laptop you intend using the printer with. There are some printers that might not to support some types of Operating Systems like Linux. Also, you need to know if you want a black and white printer or a colored printer. You might also prefer a wireless printer if you do not want a cluster of cables. This enables you connect to the printer via Bluetooth or RF instead of using cable. The major advantage of this feature is that the printer can be used by anyone on the same printer wireless network thereby allowing multiple users simultaneously rather than having to wait your turn in order to use the printer's USB cable. Another important key specs is the printer speed. This is how fast the printer prints which is measured in ppm – pages per minute. If you're the type that often needs to print a document in a hurry, then you should pay very close attention to the printer speed stated by the manufacturer. Other addition features the printer should possess for fast and easy printing are USB ports and memory card slots. With these two slots, you do not necessarily need a computer before you print a document. This feature is required mostly by photographers and graphic artists so as to print high resolution pictures at a go. You should also make sure the paper tray can hold as much paper as possible. Printers can be used at home or in the office. It is one of the most important computer peripherals that should be owned by everyone.

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