Jumia B2B is the best solution for professionals to meet their needs. Jumia B2B offers solutions and services specially designed to support entrepreneurs and large companies.
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Thanks to our B2B service
LARGE CHOICE Over 60,000 Products.
PRICE Competitive Prices.
PAYMENT METHOD Cheque, Cash Or Bank Transfer.
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Why choose Jumia B2B?
All professional buyers have the same goal, to save time and earn money. With Jumia B2B, you have:
- A single point of contact covering 99% of your needs.
- The best prices on the market.
- A clean, simple and efficient invoice.
- A customer service with international standards.
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target audience
Thousands of products
you have access to more than 60,000 products
reserved for professionals
target audience
Competitive prices
We guarantee you the best
prices on the market
target audience
Payment method
Payment solutions
to simplify your purchase

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