You can pay for your order using any of the following payment methods.

If you need help, please contact Customer Service here.

  • Cash on Delivery

  • MTN Mobile Money

Cash on Delivery

Using Cash on Delivery is very simple. Pay in cash upon delivery / pickup of your item.

MTN Mobile Money

Please note, that by selecting MTN Mobile Money, you commit to pay for your order right away!

Remember that if you change your mind or reject the order, we will return your money the following Friday, when refunds are processed.

If you are not sure or prefer to pay later, please select 'Cash on Delivery' as a payment option.

If you prefer to prepay, please follow the steps below.

Please note, you will have 5 minutes to complete the steps listed. If the payment is not made within that time, your order will be invalidated and you will have place another order.

  • Enter a valid MTN phone number with sufficient funds amounting to the grand total of your order and complete the checkout
  • You will receive a pop-up notification on the phone number you entered to complete the payment
  • Enter your PIN Number
  • Select the Option 1 to select the pending transaction
  • Then select the Option 1 to approve the payment

Once completed, you'll receive a confirmation message with your account balance and payment reference.

Alternatively, if you press cancel by mistake or a pop-up windows does not appear, you can also dial *165# and follow the instructions below:

  • Select 00 to go to the next menu
  • Select option 9 for My approvals
  • Select the Option 1 to select the pending transaction
  • Select 1 again to approve payment
  • Enter your PIN number to confirm

An issue or a question? Please contact our Customer Service at 0800222888 (toll free).