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Jumia is the #1 online marketplace to buy and sell in Uganda. Jumia is most reliable and safest platform online and can be from anywhere in the country conveniently. You are looking for the latest fashion outfit or trendy pair of shoes, the newest mobile phone, then Jumia is your best bet to find it. Compare prices from our unlimited amount of sellers, get the best market price and purchase at the most discounted and lowest prices. We have products such as electronics, home and kitchen appliances, fashion, jewelry, watches, LCD, LED and Smart TVs, health & beauty, mobile phones and even furniture. Everything you just might be looking for to buy, Jumia has it. Or if you are looking to sell, then you have come to the right place. Post your products to sell for free. As many products as you have and you don’t need to have a store to sell on Jumia. We make sure that transactions go smoothly, by giving buyers multiple options of payment, cash on delivery as well as the Jumia SafePay. We provide our customers with an overall exceptional shopping experience.

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Buy the latest fashion products or mobile phone conveniently now or those pair of shoes you have always wanted. You don’t want to purchase immediately, no problem. Simply register by setting up a new account or login by visiting The prices on Jumia is the best thing about us and would leave you indecisive. Sort through our vast selection of clothing, laptops, TVs, cosmetics, mobile phones and more and discover the most amazing discounts, buy and have them delivered to your doorstep. Buy easily with a click of a button with Jumia and enjoy the best shopping experience online.

How to sell online?

You don’t have to sell full time, even if you just to make extra money on the side, then Jumia is perfect for you. Even if you sell full time and own a physical store, Jumia is that added option you need to push your sales even further. We bring the market to you where you can list your products in less than five minutes for sale, upload quality clear images, along with good prices, sit back and watch a steady growth in sales as buyers place orders for your products. You can build your business or brand as well as Jumia gives you not just potential buyers but their loyal customers as well. We also offer convenient payment options too. What are you still waiting for? Starting making money online by selling on Jumia.