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Laptops are portable personal computers that can be moved easily from one place to another. Aside having high computing power, the laptop is ideal for those that work on the go. Whether you are travelling on in the bus moving from one place to another, you can easily access your files and information easily. With its foldable and lightweight features, it makes it the perfect companion. The laptop is more than just for business purposes, it can be used for educative, social, and entertainment purposes. There are different laptops available for different age group categories, also by different class of people ranging from office personnel to students. There are so many major difference between the laptop and desktop but the two major reason the laptop has an edge over the desktop is due to its portability and backup batteries. Laptops are used to perform various functions such as 3D modelling, watching movies, writing projects, making research, saving important files and documents, connect to internet in order to surf the web, and more.

Choosing the Right Laptop

It can be really stressful when it comes to shopping for laptops. With several brands and models all available to choose from, there are some specific features to checkout for.
Resolution: This is the number of pixels on the screen. The higher the screen resolution, the sharper the image displayed on the laptop screen. Try to lookout for laptop with a high screen resolution mostly from 1080p all the way to 4k resolution is ideal.
RAM Size: This is the random access memory. It is a temporarily volatile memory where running apps and processes are stored. The larger the RAM size, the more apps and processes you can run on the laptop. Also, there are some programs that require large RAM size before they can run, mainly graphics and modelling packages. For optimal performance, go for laptops with 4gigabytes RAM above.
Processor Speed: This is also called the CPU speed. It refers to how fast your system can handle processes and operations. It is measured in GigaHertz. For optimal performance, look for laptops with 2.0GigaHertz speed and above.
Internal Storage Memory: New generation laptops now come with two options of internal storage unite which are HDD (Hard Disk Drive) and SSD (Solid State Drive). The SSD is the successor to the HDD with much more improved speed and functionality. Especially during booting, the SSD boots up to 10 times faster than the HDD. But it doesn’t support enough capacity space as much as the HDD but with technological advancement, it will definitely get there. For a suitable laptop, you should select ones with both storage unit. It is usually measured in Gigabytes. For the HDD, a minimum of 500GB should be considered and for the SSD, a minimum of 128GB should be considered.
Connectivity: This include ports and wireless technology such as Bluetooth which must be present. Most especially the USB ports, it is advisable to stick to laptops with a minimum of 3 USB ports for connecting peripherals such as mouse, keyboards, speakers and more. Also Bluetooth connection for sharing and transferring files and documents, also for pairing with other Bluetooth enabled devices. Wi-Fi card is also an important feature to lookout for. This enables you connect to wireless networks in order to surf the web, access your social media accounts, stream live videos and music, and so much more.

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