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Lenovo is a reputable brand that specialises in the development and distribution of high-performance personal computers, tablets, notebooks and netbooks. The Chinese company is headquartered in Beijing. Owned by Liu Chuanzhi who serves as both Chairman and Chief Executive officer, Lenovo manufactures and sells computer servers, storage devices, smartphones and more. The ThinkPad notebook formerly owned by IBM machines is now owned by Lenovo. The company also oversees the Think Centre Desktops. IBM computer business was acquired by Lenovo in 2005 - an acquisition that made the brand one of the world's largest computer manufacturers. Lenovo is now a work tool in most organisations across Africa and very popular too. Find tablets, servers, desktops and more when you shop for your computer products and accessories online on Jumia. Do not underestimate the benefits of online shopping; compare prices from a seller to another seller as you search for the best prices on Lenovo products.

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