IPR Protection Policy

Overview is committed to respecting Intellectual Property Rights (“IPR”) and encourages its users to respect them as well. IPR infringements are dealt with severity on the “Jumia online marketplace” in Uganda (“”).

Intellectual Property Right (“IPR”) Protection

Listings of counterfeits or other unauthorized items are strictly prohibited on the Jumia online marketplace. Such listings are subject to removal by, and vendors who repeatedly breach’s IPR Protection Policy are subject to expulsion from the Jumia online marketplace.

Repeated violations of our IPR policy will result in a range of actions, including but not limited to:

  • Removal of existing listings
  • Restriction of new listings
  • Removal from promotions
  • Account deactivation
  • Termination of membership service agreement

Exact enforcement actions by for IPR infringement claims are stated in this link has full discretion to take any enforcement action it considers necessary for situations where vendors breach’s IPR Protection Policy.

Infringement Claims

All IPR infringement claims are made under penalty of perjury. IPR holders and Jumia vendors agree to hold inculpable of all indemnity claims, causes of action, damages and judgments arising out of any removal of product listings resultant of IPR infringement claims.

As a neutral online marketplace providing services to both customers and vendors, does not adjudge conflicting IPR infringement claims. All conflicting claims shall be resolved by the relevant parties separately from and the Jumia online market place.