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Order External Hard Drive Now!

Get an external hard drive from Jumia Uganda and save all your work and personal data from getting lost. In case your computer got spoilt, you still have a backup for all your files. Jumia Uganda offers a whole collection of external hard disk online from famous sources such as Transcend hard drive, Seagate external hard drive, WD external hard drive, Toshiba external hard drive, in addition to many other sources. Order the best external hard drive via Jumia Uganda and save your data in a safe place.

Keep Your Date Safe and Secure

Shop external harddisk via Jumia Uganda at low prices. You can find different storage capacities of the external drive at our website including 2TB external hard drive, 4TB external hard drive and 1TB external hard drive. We have the most reasonable external hard disk price in town. The external hard drive can be carried anywhere with you as it’s very portable and lightweight. Shop other data storage devices from Jumia Uganda such as USB flash drives, external Solid State drives and many more.

Shop External Hard Disk at Low Prices

Keep your important files, pictures, and movies safely by ordering external drive from Jumia Uganda. There’s no need to worry if your computer got lost or spoilt because the external hard disk can save your data. You can find other computer accessories such as scanners, printers, routers and many more.