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Blender Types

A blender is a small kitchen appliance which is used to mix, puree or emulsify food and other substances. There are two types of blenders: countertop blenders and immersion blenders.

Countertop blenders: This blender type is also known as the jar or jug blender. They are stationery and they can perform many kitchen tasks such as blending, mixing, pureeing, grinding, chopping, crushing ice, etc. These blenders use a 1-2 litres blending container. They also offer 3-16 speed settings.

Immersion blenders: These are also called handheld blenders or stick blenders. They are usually long, thin devices which have blades underneath. They are also the right selection for blending a variety of fruits and vegetables. They also allow you to blend hot and boiling blending ingredients directly in a cooking pan. They are very easy to clean after use.

Blender Buying Guide

There are certain important factors to consider when buying a kitchen blender. Here are the things to consider.

Type: Decide on what type of blender you need to get be it countertop blender or immersion blender. The size of the food you would be preparing and space available amongst others will determine the type of blender you get.

Wattage: As much as you expect your blender to be able to crush just about anything, you would have to understand that the wattage your blender carries will determine how much work it can do. A blender with wattage of about 300 to 400 will blend most food items thororoughly however, a 700 and above wattage blender will easily and effectively grind all food items and even very hard items such as coffee beans and this blender will effectively crush ice.

Material of jar: For jar blenders, you would have to consider what material you want your preferred blender to come in. Blenders come in materials such as glass, plastic, stainless steel, etc.

How to Care for Your Blender

• Blades are sharp therefore handle them carefully especially when assembling, disassembling and cleaning the inside of a blender jar.
• Always operate blenders with the lid in place and make sure to hold the lid down with your hand while it is blending.
• Keep hands and utensils out of container while blending to reduce the risk of severe personal injury or damage to the blender. You may use a rubber or wooden spatula but make sure to use only when your blender has been turned off.
• Make sure not to leave the blender unattended while it is operating.

Where to Buy Blenders Online

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