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Order New Fridge via Jumia UG

The fridge is one of the main kitchen appliances that exist in every home as it keeps all your food and drinks in a safe place. Keep your food fresh and clean away from any microbes or decay by getting a new refrigerator from Jumia Uganda. We’re offering a wide range of various types of refrigerators online. You can find Hisense fridge, LG fridge, Samsung fridge, Whirlpool fridge, Bosch fridge, in addition to many famous brands at Jumia UG.

Keep Your Food Fresh and Clean!

Shop Jumia fridges at very special prices that suit your budget. Fridges have a freezer part that can be used to store foods at low temperatures to preserve it from decay. You can find various sizes of fridges either a large fridge or a mini fridge. Looking for the best fridge brand? Browse through our website which provides you with the most affordable refrigerator price from well-known sources. Get a smart fridge via Jumia Uganda and enjoy a healthy life for your kids and family.

All Types of Refrigerators Online

Jumia Uganda offers the fridge category for sale, therefore you can get a reasonable large or small fridge price. You can find a double door fridge and a single door fridge on our website. We’re offering a huge collection of all kitchen appliances that you need for your kitchen either small kitchen appliances like blenders, toasters, and microwave ovens or large kitchen appliances like freezers, cookers and dishwashers.