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Desktop Computers Online in Uganda

Desktop computers as the name implies are computers placed on the desk or table. In comparison to the Laptop,the desktop computer cannot be easily moved around. It is used at a single point or place dues to its size and power. The desktop computer is made up of several parts such as monitor, CPU which is the central processing unit, keyboard, and mouse. These are the main components but there are also several other components that can be attached to the desktop computer.

Desktop computers are also known as PC – Personal Computers. There are numerous uses and functions of the desktop computers. Before the invention of laptops, the desktop was majorly used all over the world. It has almost the same functions as the laptop but it is more like a standard organization workstation than the laptop You can use desktop computers for typing and editing documents, saving of important work files, connect to the internet via LAN cable or Wi-Fi, and so on. Even as a multimedia device, you can use it to listen to music and watch vidoes, you can edit or create images or videos using a third party application such as photoshop and other image editing software.

Everyone needs to be a computer literate in the sense that, one must have an idea of how to use a computer or laptop. You can get a standard desktop computer for home use. If you have kids at home, this is the perfect opportunity for them to learn how to use the desktop computer, inorder to enhance their cognition. The desktop computer has proven useful when you own one in the house, you can bring home your office work and complete it, and you can also use it to do various assignments and projects. If you plan on starting a business organization, you can start by installing desktop computers in the office. Gone are the days when people document important documents in filing cabinets, although not totally eradicated but the desktop computer provides a safer means of saving important document and project work. You can own a desktop computer today at affordable price.

Desktop Computers Key Features and Specs

When choosing a desktop computer online, there are different brands and models to choose from. Top brands such as Dell, HP, Lenovo, Samsung, Apple, Toshiba, Asus, and so on. These top brands have several desktop computer models with different configuration, features, and specifications. You need to check the desktop casing. This is the first thing you notice about the desktop computer.

There are desktops with either plastic casing or aluminium casing, depending on which you prefer. Then you check the CPU because this is the main brain of the desktop computer. Since the desktop computer are made of several different unit coming together, the CPU is the unit that connects all these parts together and the main component of the CPU is the motherboard. That motherboard gives you all the information you need to know about the desktop. It contains several ports and slots where other Computer accessories are connected. Example of such ports include serial ports, parallel ports, usb ports, HMDI ports, and so on.

You need to be certain important ports are available on the CPU. Also you check the processor speed. The processor is the main engine of the motherboard, its fetches and executes commands. The processor speed is measured in gigahertz GHz and it is also called clockspeed. The higher the processor speed, the faster the desktop computer. Another important feature to note is the RAM – Random Access Memory. This is a temporary memory when operations are loaded for the time being when the computer is in use. That ability to open several applications which is called multi-tasking, those tasks are being stored in the RAM.

It is advisable to get RAM from 4G and above inorder to enjoy the full functionality of the desktop computer. Also you need to check the Hard disk size and space. The hard disk is the permanent storage device of the desktop computer where all files and documents are saved. It is advisable to get a desktop computer of HDD size of more than 500GB above. Note that some desktop now comes with SSD –Solid State Drive. This is 10 times faster than the HDD. You should make sure you get a desktop computer that has both HDD and SSD or one with only SSD id advisable. In a situation where you can't get one with SSD, you can still buy the HDD and buy the SSD as an external accessory. Other important parts include the DVD/CD drives, make sure it is a Blu-ray drive, keyboard, speakers, mouse, webcam, and so much more.

Where to Buy Desktop Computers in Uganda?

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