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Baby skin is so soft and smooth which makes it sensitive and prone to skin issues. Huggies is a popular brand that provides disposable diapers designed for new-born infants to toddlers which gives them a gentle care. At Jumia, we ensure you with the right product to care for your baby delicate skin which comes in various sizes and also wipes to clean the baby buttocks from dirt keeping it fresh and clean. Get Huggies on Jumia that ranges from Diapers, Wipes to Training pants and Drynites which come in various perfect sizes that will keep your baby comfortable and free from skin irritations.

Huggies at Jumia

Gone are the days when mothers made use of ‘nappy’ and have to struggle with changing their children, let alone what was inside it. Keep your baby happy always by getting Huggies at Jumia to take away rash, itchiness or any other skin irritations and have an enjoyable time with your baby when changing the diapers. Discover wipes that come with a natural fragrance after cleaning the baby’s body and is gentle on your baby’s delicate skin to maintain a healthy beautiful skin. It comes with a unique thick and soft texture that gives your baby a superior deep cleaning that takes away dirt and mess quickly and easily as well as Aloe Vera and vitamin E that will soothe and moisturise your baby skin. Get Huggies at Jumia and have that healthy mother and child relationship all day long.