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A deodorant is a substance which removes or conceals unpleasant smells, especially bodily odors. Deodorant has become an important part of our society because cleanliness is considered a positive thing. As a result, we form opinions about people based on how they smell, and quite naturally, people prefer to be around pleasant-smelling people. In fact, that's why most people wear perfumes and colognes, and why there is such a big market for body wash as well. Deodorant, however, has a special place in society, because without it, all the perfumes you like to dash and splash on your skin will just disappear into the stench coming from your armpits.
Deodorants work by making use of ingredients like antimicrobials and alcohol to kill bacteria, and contain scents to mask any leftover smells. But, the reason bacteria are so prone to grow in the underarm areas is because of the incredible number of sweat glands there. As a result, the armpits become a prime environment for bacteria to thrive: moist, warm, and full of lipids from the body's natural oils. It is the bacteria that causes the odor, and that's why a deodorant's primary purpose is to kill it.

Guide to Choosing a Deodorant
Learning how to choose men's deodorants means understanding the application forms, your lifestyle, and the image you want to project with the accompanying scent. As a man, you may not want to smell "pretty" like a woman. However, when determining which scent you want, an unscented or powder-scent product can go very well.
Other differences to consider when choosing a deodorant are the different forms of applications – like whether or not you want a spray, stick, roll-on or gel. In general, the closer you can get the formula to the skin the better, because that is where the bacteria lie and where the smell originates. Women can usually use any form, but men who have a decent amount of underarm hair may want to opt for a spray instead. Men with a lot of body hair should also avoid roll-ons, as the hair can get stuck in the rollers. If you lead an active lifestyle or live in a very hot or humid climate like Nigeria, you may want to consider a time-release formula, as well as one that includes an antiperspirant.
Choosing the right formula isn't just about what's in it and what your lifestyle happens to be. There are so many options available now that it may take some time to find the perfect formula for you. When it comes to the basics, though, it all comes down to this:
How much you sweat. If it's an all-day event, you'll definitely be needing a time release formula.
What kind of skin you have. Do you have sensitive skin or any skin conditions? If so, you will probably have to seek out an aluminum-free antiperspirant and deodorant.
Do you need one heavy on antimicrobial agents? Sometimes the alcohol just isn't enough, as it can evaporate quickly when exposed.

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