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A jeans or a pair of jeans (metonymy of fabric jeans) is a trouser seams, cut into a canvas denim, reinforced with rivets, which originally is a work wear. By extension, the denim itself is called denim. The history of jeans began in the city of Genoa, in Italy, famous for its cotton canvas and linen, denim, very similar to corduroy. The merchants from, then, Republic of Genoa merchant used to export this fabric throughout Europe, particularly to England (where it was used for making marine pants and also the sails of ships and canvas tents) and to Nimes where weavers tried to reproduce this fabric but without much success. As a result of experimentation, they developed in 17th century another fabric, made up of canvas cotton which becomes known as the name denim. This unbleached cotton fabric, became famous for its strength (it was used for miners work clothes) and was subsequently exported to Genoa and dyed indigo blue.
The invention of famous pants that we know as Jeans or Denims was a result of a collaboration between Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis, a tailor in Reno in Nevada, USA. The former was in the head of a business fabric and clothing, Levi Strauss & Co., located on the West Coast during the Gold Rush in 1853. Mr. Levis was carrying in his truck, tent canvas and canvas tarps denim which he sold to forty niners. One of his clients, Jacob Davis, purchased his canvas and made from them pants work reinforced with copper rivets at sensitive points (pockets, baguettes), thus managing to make strong pants for a client whose husband lumberjack. Following the success of his pants with loggers and miners and to prevent counterfeiting, in 1872, he partnered with Levi Strauss to share the fruits of marketing his invention to the masses in exchange for payment of the amount required for filing of the patent.

The patent was granted in May 1873. Following this, Jacob Davis started overlooking the garment manufacturing business in the Levi Strauss & Co. Although part of the production was being carried out with a different kind of cloth Jeans produced by Levi Strauss & Co. in initial days had the characteristic attributes of work wear for loggers and gold miners. These characteristics were:
• Wide cross-section
• Single back pocket
• martingale , half belt placed behind the tightening size
• Presence of buttons for suspenders
• Orange linen stitching on the back pockets, to match the copper rivets (from 1873)
• Side pocket tool on some models

But since their origins, jeans have come a long way and now they are a beloved part of modern fashion. Many big brands such as Diesel, Versace, and Zara etc. have a wide collection of jeans and you can buy original jeans of all these brands from us on

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Maintaining your Jeans

Buying new stuff is great. Maintenance is equally important. For jean care, the Levi Strauss Company recommends that the less often you wash your jeans, the better. But that can easily vary as there are no rules. A rough day spent on a rainy countryside may mean a wash that same day. But a few sunny days spent indoors in your denims and there may be little need rushing to wash it anytime soon. Buy now only on