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Start Gaming with Friends and Family

Playing video games is one of the easiest ways to relax your body and mind while having fun in the process. There is no substitute for the fun and pleasure derived when you play with a group of friends and colleagues. Better still spend the weekend in front of your TV with your family playing video games while sipping on a chilled bottle of wine. Playing games can only get better especially when you connect to the internet and play online with millions of people around the world. You get to post your high score, stages completed and mission finished online and hope nobody beats your stat. The thrill is endless with amazing choice of video games.

Choosing the Right Video Games to Play

Video games are not only restricted to gaming consoles like PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo. You can also experience gaming on your PC or laptop. The type of games to play can be confusing especially when you once adventure to finish and you are in the mood to play car racing or your friends are telling you to get the latest FIFA soccer. To make it simple, you can go through this category of games to help guide your choice

Football: Loved by most people. It is a game of 11 aside with one team going head to head with another. The team with the highest number of goals wins. Football games are best enjoyed with friends especially when you set up tournaments to complete for a cup. Depending on your game consoles, you can get the latest soccer games such as FIFA 16, PES 16, and Winning Eleven 9. If you the type that loves to manage things, then you can get the latest football manager 2016 in order to manage your dream club.

Car Racing: The only thing special about racing games is the speed. If you love speed then this is for you. Show your opponent your driving skills and how fast you can make that bend, accelerate and brake when faced with danger. You can race with friends or your race with the AI of the game. There are different types of racing games you can select from such as Gran Turismo, Need for Speed, Real Racing, Race Driver, Test Drive Unlimited, and more.

Educational Games for Kids: The kids are not left out. Some games might be too complex for them hence a category of video games that are perfect to help develop their cognitive capabilities and intellectual minds. These are some of the popular video games for kids which are very good such as gizmos and gadgets, history of biology game, Inanimate Alice, math blaster, number munchers, place spotting, quest Atlantis, reader rabbit, the magic school bus, treasures of the deep, Tuxmath, storybook weaver, urban jungle, and so much more.

Adventure: This is for people who love challenges. Faced with missions to retrieve an artifact or a rescue mission. A popular game in this category is Tomb Raider. This is a unique adventure game where a character Lara Croft is controlled by the player and she's required to finish a number missions.

Combat Games: These are mostly two players' game where you get to fight each other and only one person wins. There are several games in this category such as Streetfighter, Mortal Combat, Naruto, and more.

Where to Buy Video Games Online?

You can never go wrong by stocking up on latest video game consoles at the lowest prices in Uganda. Explore our varied collection of video games ranging from PlayStation game consoles games to PC games. Get the best deals on top games such as 007 Blood stone, Medal of Honour, Grand Turismo 5, FIFA 13, Need for Speed Rivals, PES 14, Need for Speed Hot pursuit, FIFA 15, Assassin Creed IV, Grand theft auto V, Call of Duty black ops III, and more. Order yours now and pay cash at your doorstep.