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Everyone knows that pests are a serious issue that must be addressed to prevent significant financial loss in the form of medical bills, and also to control the spread of disease, and electronic pest control methods may offer you the best solution yet. Pest control is one of those things that requires an ongoing, constant program of prevention. Otherwise, pests and termites may wreak havoc on your home or workplace.
Electronic pest control is a relatively new method of controlling rats, mice and other pests that are common in the environment.

What is Electronic Pest Control?
Simply put, electronic pest control is a safe and non-lethal way of repelling pests. Although there are numerous electronic pest control devices on the market, there are two basic types available:
• Electromagnetic
• Ultrasonic
The electromagnetic types work by altering the electromagnetic field of electrical wiring. This vibrates the electromagnetic field around wherever it is placed and creates a frequency that repels pests, both rodents and insects. It works because these pests find the vibrations irritating and since the electromagnetic signals are turned off and on intermittently every few seconds, pests are unable to build up a tolerance for them. The result? Pests flee the area to escape 'death by electrocution'!
Ultrasonic pest control devices work by emitting high frequency, short wavelength sound waves. These sound waves are too high pitched to be detected by the human ear, but are heard by pests who find them unbearable. So, they leave for happier hunting grounds! One of the main things you should know and remember about ultrasonic pest repellents is that ultrasonic frequencies do not travel between walls. This means that in order to be effective, you will need to place a separate device in each room or walled area of your building. Be careful when placing ultrasonic pest control devices not to put them behind large, soft objects that will absorb the frequencies rather than reflect them.
Safe for Humans
Ultrasonic devices are safe for humans and pets alike. Electronic pest control is gaining in popularity as people discover the ease and convenience of using an ultrasonic or electromagnetic device to repel pests instead of messy and potentially hazardous poisons and traps and the potential hazard of inhaling or ingesting poisonous pesticides. It is also important to note that fumigation should be done from time to time to permanently get rid of the pests while these equipment make sure they do not come back.

Buy Pest Control Equipment Online.

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