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Return a product with Jumia

Being a safe marketplace, Jumia is highly dedicated to enable trusted relationship between our buyers and sellers. To improve buying experience on Jumia, our sellers set their own return policies defining time period of returns. The following information will guide you through your seller's provided return policy and show you how to initiate the return of your product.

  • ●  Before ordering a product on Jumia, the buyer is advised to check the return policy for this particular product on the product page.
    1. 1. Initiate a return by giving us a call on 0312531800 
    2. 2. Drop off your item or schedule a pickup for the item to be picked up. 
    3. 3. Place the item in its original packaging, including any accessories, tags. Always ensure your return slip is signed by our agents. That is your proof of return.
    4. 4.  Once we receive your returned item, we will inspect it process your refund via voucher or bank transfer between 1-7 business days.