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Keep all your hot drinks hot by getting a vacuum flask from Jumia Uganda. You can find a thermos flask of different materials at our website including stainless steel vacuum flask which is very easy to carry and can keep all your beverages hot or cold all day. If you’re looking for the best thermos flask for keeping drinks hot, Jumia Uganda is the perfect website for shopping as it offers all sizes and shapes online. You can find a thermos flask for tea from well-known sources such as Home Fashion, Always, Storage Options and many others.

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What’s worse than your hot drink going cold? Jumia Uganda offers the best solution for this which is the tea flask or the thermal flask. You can find an unbreakable flask at our website which is made of the highest quality materials. We’re offering a reasonable vacuum flask price that suits your budget. If you’re looking for other kitchen utensils, discover our category for kitchen gadgets and utensils in order to get everything you need for your kitchen.

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No more worries about your tasty drinks. Whether they are cold or hot, our thermosteel flask can keep its temperature for 24 hours. A thermos vacuum flask can be the magical product for you during traveling or staying out of home for a long time.