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Vitafoam is a Ugandan leading manufacturer of flexible and rigid foam products that is a successful brand and has remain a household name in the country. The Company’s vision is to improve quality and provide world class products for its customers which have earn the Company several awards including the NIS Gold Certificate Award. At Jumia, we provide you with quality beds, mattress, Vita couch, sofa bed, Vita travel, bed sheet, duvet, and Vita baby solid, Vita rolls, mat and so much more for you; all from Vitafoam at value prices. It is made from top quality foam and fibre which comes with durable covering and detail finishing that will last longer.

Standard Vitafoam Products at Jumia

Looking for the mattress to fit your bed? Click on Jumia and explore our collection of various mattresses to choose that comes in various sizes and colours that will fit your bed perfectly well. We have the Devian beds that are a combination of vita spring mattress, beautiful finished base with headboard that is covered with delicate quilted fabrics or quality wood. Get your baby the big baby chair with armrest that comes in multi-colours and the base and armrest are covered with exquisite quilted fabrics for your baby to learn how to sit comfortably. The Vita travel supports your head and neck from severe pain or stiffness and it fit into any sit position as it contains self-adjusting polyfibre fill. Get all your standard Vitafoam products at Jumia to beautify and add unique styles to your rooms.