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In this fast-paced world of fashion, a number of accessories have begun to take the world by storm. Especially in the world of women's wardrobe, there are a number of accessories that have begun to stand as essentials. Belts for women serves as one of these, as they have become one of the most popular style accessories in the world of fashion essentials. Belts are no longer simply worn to hold your pants up. Both men and women have taken a new liking to wearing belts as fashion accessories rather than just for their practical functionalities. Nowadays, from casual outfits, to formal wear, the use of belts seems endless. And with the various advances in technology and fashion, more and more styles and designs of this accessory have been created. Some may be difficult to find in your regular stores and fashion shops, but Uganda's leading online marketplace is not about to let you down. Jumia offers a vast selection of belts for women for you to choose from. These belts branch off into a variety of categories, making it easy for you to filter your search and zone down on what exactly you want. For instance, if you are searching by color, brown belts are available for casual dressing. Such belts are awesome accessories to be worn on jeans, pants, or khaki trousers. Alternatively, you can also get your hands on a few belts in black. These color of accessories are perfect for formal or official outfits. They can be worn on black, grey or any trousers of neutral color for a professional working-class look. If you are searching by size, you are also bound to be spoilt for choice. Jumia offers a range of wide belts, which happen to be a fashion trend among ladies of today. Wide belts can be worn on practically any color and are a perfect way to accentuate the waist, if worn over a dress or tunic. Fashion belts are also available on the site, a good example of which is the skinny belt. These can be worn over almost anything to create a sort of slimming or narrow look at the waist. Skinny belts come at less than an inch wide and are best worn over dresses or cardigans. They can be worn both casually and formally, so for a classy official look when you are at work, a leather skinny belt can do just fine. And for that free weekend chill with friends, sequined or braided skinny belts can be a perfect way to pull off your look. So whatever kind of belt you may be looking for, Jumia allows you to have this and more, all at the click of a button.