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Being fashionable says a lot about a person, especially when you flow with the current trend and fashion styles in vogue. There are a lot of things to choose from when talking about fashion items and as a woman, you should have the right clothes for the right occasion, women's shoes and women's bags to mention a few.

Clothes are versatile. For women, there are so much as dresses, pants, jumpsuits, and shirts. But as important as we feel it is to own every piece of clothing out there, there are some that we can safely prioritize above the other. And shirts are one of them.

Shirts are easy to wear pieces of clothing that can be worn to practically everywhere. There are different types, but this doesn't change the fact that every woman should own a shirt or two in her wardrobe.

Shirts are grouped into categories, and one of the ways to do is using their arm length or sleeves. When picking a shirt, it is important to know what arm length best suits the kind of body you have.

• Long sleeves: long sleeved shirts could be worn on colder days and are mostly favored by women who want the attention on their face.
• Short sleeves: they draw attention to the bust and are a great benefit for pear and banana-shaped women.
• Three quarter length sleeves: somewhere around the middle of the forearm, they emphasize the upper portion of the hip. They are a great style for apple shapes.
• Elbow-length sleeves: just above or below the elbow, they draw attention to the waist, and this makes it a perfect choice for hourglass or pear-shaped women.
• Cap sleeves: they soften an athletic body, but make a rounded body look even bigger.

Shirts are easy to wear, they usually have buttons in front of the shirts. But because we are talking about women's clothing, we can easily group ladies' tops, tee shirts and ladies' blouses as categories under shirts for women.

When it comes to buying shirts like tees, the neck styles should also be considered.
The crew neck style: this style is the classic t-shirt style. It is rounded and high on the neck. This style works well for people with longer necks and slimmer face shapes. It also emphasizes facial roundness. It is an all-round classic style that comes to mind when t-shirts are mentioned.
The boat neck style: this style creates a wide, shallow curve from one end of the shoulder to the other. It gives the illusion of wider shoulders and works well for women with small shoulders by balancing the hips along with the shoulders. Broad women might not find this style flattering as it would lay too much emphasis on the already wide shoulders.
The V-neck style: this style has a plunging V-like neck in front and is universally flattering, depending on the point and the width of the neckline. V neck t-shirts make the neck look longer, which is a bonus for people with short necks and a shallow neckline with a high point around the collarbone region can make a large bust look smaller.
The scoop neck style: this style dips low in a deeply rounded arc. A low scoop would create a more voluptuous appearance. They emphasize round faces, and they do well for women with short necks.

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