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Shop Alcohol via Jumia UG

Jumia Uganda offers a broad collection of alcoholic drinks that you admire. Whether you want to drink beer, wine, champagne, whiskey, spirit or liqueur, Jumia Uganda is the right website for shopping as it provides amazing deals on alcohol and drinks. You can find all types of beer at Jumia UG which allows you to have different choices in front of your eyes. No need to move from your place and go to local stores because we have the widest range of alcoholic drinks online.

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Do you want a place that has all types of alcohol? Enter the Jumia Uganda website or download the application and get the alcoholic drink you want. Shop from Four Cousins, Uganda Waragi, Tusker and Baileys via Jumia Uganda in order to get the best alcoholic drinks. You can find various types of wine on our website. Whether you want to throw a party or gather with your friends, we have the best drinks for you. Shop other types of beverages like soft drinks, water, coffee or tea from our grocery store at low prices.

All Types of Alcohol Are Available!

Order alcoholic drinks from Jumia Uganda and have them delivered to your doorstep or any place you choose. Jumia saves your time, effort and money by offering the most amazing products at the cheapest prices in Uganda.