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Where To Buy Blueflame Electronics And Appliances In Uganda

Blueflame Limited is one of the major indigenous assembling and marketing home appliance company located in Kampala. They deal in various home appliances ranging from the kitchen wares like cookers and ovens to electronics like the washing machines and water purifiers. You can be sure to get trusted appliances that provide you with the best cooking experience.


The Blueflame gas cooker comes in various sizes and functions. There is the table top burner that is connected to the gas supply via a hose. The table top burner is either self-igniting with the use of an automatic switch or requires the use of a lighter. Depending on the size, the cooker would commonly have a double or triple face. Asides the gas burners, the cooker could also have one or two electric plates that make use of electricity instead of the gas. They also have the Blueflame cooker plus oven set. This design is built to accommodate an oven underneath the cooker top. Like the table top, the cooker top can be a mixture of the gas cookers and electric hot plate and can have a varying number of burners. The oven below it could also include the grill, rotisserie, and oven. Some of the gas cookers have been designed to include a timer that helps you to regulate your cooking.

Buy Blueflame Electronics And Appliances On Jumia Uganda

Using the filter engine on our platform allows you to streamline the available choices to just the ones that fit perfectly within your budget. Blueflame electronics include the standing or hand mixer, fruit extractor, water purifier and many other products designed to give your home a nice look and make your chores as easy as possible. Shop your preferred appliance now and enjoy swift delivery to your doorsteps.