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Furniture is a collective word for the movable objects intended to support various human activities. Furniture for seating includes chairs, couches, sofas, stools, arm chairs, etc. Furniture for sleeping includes bed, etc. Furniture for storage includes cupboards, shelves, consoles, etc and many more. Furniture sets can also be considered as a form of decorative art. There are different types of furniture but in all, they are basically divided into indoor furniture, outdoor furniture and custom furniture.

Indoor furniture: These are furniture sets which are used inside buildings. They are used in homes, offices and in public places. Indoor furniture sets include bedroom furniture such as mattresses, sofa beds, bunk beds, four poster beds, water beds, dressing tables, wardrobes, bedside tables, and many more. Living room furniture sets include chairs, sofas, coffee or center tables, shelves, magazine racks, TV stands, etc. Office furniture sets include file cabinets, book cases, office chairs, office desks, etc. Basically, furniture sets made to be used indoors are known as indoor furniture.

Outdoor furniture: These are furniture sets specially made to be used outside the home or office. These include outdoor dining chairs and tables, outdoor lounging and relaxing furniture such as recliners, sun loungers, outdoor sofas and many more.

Custom furniture: This is furniture that is made to a person's specifications by special request. These are furniture sets crafted just for you and they are usually more expensive than buying furniture sets of the rack.

Furthermore, there are also styles of furniture sets and you may want to consider the style which would suit your personal taste when going all out to shop furniture sets. These styles will be discussed below:

Antique: They include pieces of furniture sets from an earlier period of time. They are often crafted out of wood and their age, condition and unique features and how rare they are to find, determine their price. Genuine antiques are usually at least a hundred years old.

Vintage: These are furniture sets which exhibit the best of a certain quality associated with a particular era in time.

Traditional: These are formal furniture sets from the Victorian period and they are delicate pieces with tapered legs and contrasting inlays.

Rustic: These are influenced by many different styles coming together to create warm, natural interiors. They are usually made of warm timber, animal hide, cotton or linen. They are not formal in appearance at all.

Art deco: These combine machine age imagery and materials with traditional crafts. They are usually made in geometric shapes, angular shapes and with materials like chrome, glass, shiny fabrics, mirrors, tiles, etc.

Modern: These usually combine leather, vinyl, steel, plywood and plastics. They basically come with a monochromatic colour scheme in order to create sleek and stylish interiors.

How to Care for Your Furniture Sets

• Avoid placing your furniture in direct sunlight as sunlight causes fading
• Place furniture sets away from radiators, heat, air vent and air conditioning units.
• Use pads or cloth to protect furniture surface from plastic, rubber, hot dishes, beverages, flowerpots and vases.
• Clean up spills immediately and make sure to blot rather than wipe.
• Use a protective pad when writing with a ballpoint pen on the furniture surface.
• Lift and place objects rather than dragging them across the furniture surface.
• Avoid placing furniture directly under windows.