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Stay Safe from Any Virus

Jumia Uganda cares about your safety and health, that’s why we’re offering the widest range of cleaning supplies of all types such as floor cleaner, toilet cleaner, fabric cleaner, hand gel, washing powder, antiseptic liquid, in addition to many others. You can find the Dettol Antiseptic liquid at Jumia Uganda which removes germs from skin, keeps you safe from infections caused by cuts and scratches and can also be used as a household disinfectant on home surfaces and in the laundry.

Keep Your House Clean 24/7

Order cleaning products via Jumia Uganda and keep your house free of germs and bacteria. If you have kids, then it’s important to keep your floor always clean as they can walk barefoot or play on the floor with their toys. Buy cleaning detergent or disinfectant from Jumia Uganda which cares about you and your family’s safety, so it provides all the essentials you need to stay safe such as hand sanitizer, thermometers, antiseptic liquid, home cleaning products, in addition to many more.

Order Cleaning Supplies via Jumia UG

House cleaning is considered one of the main tasks you should do daily in order to keep you and your family safe from bacteria and diseases. You can find all the cleaning products that you need for your home on our website from famous brands. Don’t worry about any virus when you have the right products in your hands.