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Max online shop: access all the fashion in Uganda!

In a world where everyone aspires to be perfect, it can be hard to be your true self. If you are looking for a brand that reflects your confident and creative personality, wait no longer: Max fashion has got your back. Max encourages you to be idealistic and pursue your dreams with the perfect shoes and clothing accompanying you on the way. Max fashion stands for individual and confident styling that will make you stand out from the crowd. We offer you a wide range of modern products, for kids, men and women as well as for men, giving you the opportunity to browse at your own pace. No matter what you prefer, whether it’s bright colours and bold styling, or keeping it simple and practical, on Jumia you’ll find what you’re looking for. Explore a selection of polo shirts, sneakers, trousers, accessories and feel perfect all the way. Max shoes and apparel are the perfect combination of sexy, comfortable and stylish

Max lifestyle online shopping

Experience the most comfortable and sophisticated way to buy not only shoes but apparel and accessories from Jumia Max fashion collection. The brand assist to provide customers with modern apparel and footwear that will create a contemporary atmosphere, a unique style experience and a feeling of never wanting to wear anything else. Max gives you the opportunity to buy your favourite new fashion items online at Jumia with the option of pay on delivery. Make your max online shopping trip exciting but comfortable with Jumia.