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A mouse is an input device that is most often used with a personal computer. The first mouse was created and released by Douglas Engelbart in 1968. In 1984, Apple turned the mouse into an essential pointer device when it released the Macintosh. Soon after, many manufacturers began producing the mouse. The mouse had two buttons and operated with a rubberized ball for tracking. The mouse and tracking ball needed to be used on a mousepad in order to function correctly. Today's most popular mouse is optical and uses LED to track motion which is very precise. The optical mouse can be used efficiently on most surfaces, is equipped with many useful features and is very easy to use.
They are very important and can save you a lot of stress and make work go faster. It gives the user the freedom to move the cursor in various directions without restrictions. On Jumia, we have a wide variety of computer peripheralsto suit your needs. There are compact ones which will suit frequent computer uses; optical mice remove the problems encountered with the trackball based mice and you can also get wireless mice which remove the problem of wire clusters. You can have these many choices at the best prices on Jumia Nigeria.

The Wired Mouse is the least expensive type, runs with batteries and never loses connection. However, it clutters workspace and is not ideal for travel. The Wireless mouse is easy to travel with and keeps the workspace clutter-free. The wireless mouse, which is optical and ensures easier movement, provides you with the capability of connecting without the use of cables. This is very useful for gamers as well as others who want room to freely move their mouse. However, it uses and blocks one USB port and the batteries need to be replaced. Last but not least, Bluetooth mice are great for travel, keeps the workspace clutter-free and no USB ports are blocked.

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