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MP3 players are electronic devices that play digital audio files. The MP3 format is used by so many devices, almost all audio enabled players can play in that format. The MP3 players are very portable, they employ the use inbuilt or sometimes replaceable batteries and earphones. Presently people have diversified the uses of the mp3 players, now they are connected to cars, houses and home stereos, thus turning them into portable jukeboxes. The biggest feature of the mp3 is its ability to accommodate a very large amount of fairly sized songs, and its battery efficiency.

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Enjoy non sop music with durable, multi-functional music players. MP3 player's portable devices that offers its users large storage capacity for them to save and enjoy a vast amount of audio files conveniently and listen to good music non-stop and anywhere. The previous MP3 players where basic and had simple user interfaces, but newer generation MP3 players are becoming increasingly sophisticated with newer and modern features.
Great thing about technology is that it keeps improving, it never regresses; – one of the best innovations that people can't stop using n is the MP3 and MP4 players! Owning an MP3 player has a lot of advantages because it's a great source of entertainment especially while raveling or on trips, or if you basically just want to walk around bumping to your favourite tunes. The MP4 is an improved version of the MP3, it comes with video playing capability! Both music players are affordable and easy to come about as they are widely available in different online market places. They are great for keeping yourself entertained during a long commute to work or school. The MP3 players come in different types of specs model as well as brands.

Functions of an MP3 player

Initially MP3 players came with limited options for users. In this age of players, however, they have greatly evolved in their features to match the increasing use of portable devices for entertainment. Typically, more functions equal a higher influx of knockoff MP3 player, so buyers that purchase from credible market places should look at the functions an original MP3 player should offer.
• Video and Photos – for this feature the buyer has to look for the modern players that have color screens and digital-viewing capacities. Although the MP3 player's screen is not so big, for users who want to see a lot of music videos while commuting would find their MP3 player a better option for watching video than a video players or phone. Because their batteries last longer and they easily fit into the travelers pockets.
• Clear Radio Reception- If you like gossip and current affairs, or you want new songs as soon as they are released, the MP3 players that feature radio reception are a great options. MP3 players receive only FM radio stations. Not all mp3,s have this feature, so if you love your radio, look .
• Record Audio- For people that want to record audio music or voice. Both recording types make use of different accessories and techniques, using an MP3 player as a voice recorder gives you recordings that are mono instead of stereo. Quality wouldn't perfect but for users that would like high quality voice recordings, a digital audio recorder would be a better option.
• Data Storage- Most people think MP3 players can only store audio files, but the truth is many MP3 players can store different types of files. This is good for transferring documents or other materials from one computer to another.
• Playback Options- Most MP3 players have basic playback features, but for those users who would like more control over their songs should look further to advanced options. People using MP3 players to listen to audiobooks should assure that their players feature bookmarking, which stops the need for continuous fast-forwarding to get to a start point in the middle of the audiobook.
• Hold Switch- The hold switch on an MP3 player helps its user avoid skipping tracks. Since people are engaged in numerous activities when they use their MP3 players. A hold switch disables controls so no accidental commands are put in, whilst the MP3 player is being used or not been used.

Basic Uses of an MP3 Player.

MP3 players are used by owners to listen to music privately in different settings. To get the best from this benefits, owners should take note of what plat form or accessory they want to make use of it with. There are some basic avenues or reasons they are used for, here are a few.
1. Personal usage- to listen to music in your spare time, and take in beautiful sounds that relax the body and soul.
2. Driving- people use mp3 players to drive, because it allows its users, convenient access to their personal music libraries. Of course Depending on the capabilities of their car audio systems, owners might need a couple of gadgets to link up their MP3 players, like cassette adapters, while Bluetooth-enabled car sound systems would need a Bluetooth - capable MP3 player.
3. Exercising- while taking a long jog, or when you the gym you need a good light weight MP3 to keep you going. Here the kind of headsets you use matters a lot, you need the ones with strong grip to the ear for flexibility
4. Travelling- this is almost the main reason mp3's were invented, for long journeys an mp3 is definitely a good companion, because they are durable , portable and have a storage capacity that can accommodate plenty of your favorite tunes.

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Jumia offers its customers on quality Electronic products, the MP3 Player section only has products that feature big mp3 manufacturers, from the likes of Apple, Sony, Samsung, and Philips. If you love listening to music on the go then you should invest in a good MP3 player. Yes, this kind of player not only plays you your favorite pre-installed songs. For soothing moments with cool jams get affordable mp3 players on Jumia today.