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When it comes to the world of a woman's wardrobe, there are various articles of clothing and footwear that contribute to the ensemble of a ladies outfit. The main reason most women take so much time dressing up is not because they are deciding on what to wear, but rather deciding on what goes with what. This especially becomes the case when they are looking to decide shoes to wear. Footwear is a category of its own and can easily make or break an outfit. There are various types of shoes women wear including high heels, sandals, flats, peep-toes, wedges and many others. All these styles and models of shoes are designed to suit different outfits and purposes. Some are more comfortable than others, but the question of whether or not they look good, depends entirely on what you wear them with. This is clearly depicted in the reknown fashion saying that states "it is not what you wear, but how you wear it." One such example of women's footwear is the platform shoe. This design of shoes was originally a classic in the late 70's and early 80's for their thick soles. But with the recent growth and advancement in fashion technology, the style was edited and changed as designers went ahead to add heels on them to create a more trendy and fashionable look, similar to the revolutionary stylish footwear you see today. Platform shoes remain quite popular and trendy while designers continue to innovate and change it, but they are loved as fashion preferences of women across the world. The slight boost it features grants modern women a noticeable increase in height and automatically changes the visual structure of the legs. This alone creates a sense of elongation to the body and shape of your calf muscles. But the mere act of choosing the right platform shoe simply depends on taste and preference of the lady in question. If you are the type that is strongly concerned with the name on the product above everything else, then Jumia has you covered all the same. This amazing online shopping site provides a range of women's platform shoes from a vast selection of some of your favorite brands and manufacturers, including Steven Madden, Charlotte Russe, Charles Albert, and Zara. The shoes are also provided in a range of colors, designs, and sizes that will leave you spoilt for choice. However if you are the type to select your shoes according to the rest of your outfits, it would be advisable to assess what kinds of women's wear look best with platform shoes. As far as general fashion is concerned, platform shoes are best worn with short dresses, skirts and shorts. However, if you are the type that is innovative enough to create your own look, then by all means. The primary idea behind whatever you wear with platform shoes should be to ultimately draw attention to your new found height and complement your legs, while giving off a sense of strength and confidence for the lady wearing them, that is why short dresses and skirts are recommended. Luckily, you can find all these items and clothing articles on Uganda's number one online marketplace. So visit Jumia today, and discover the best deals on Platform shoes for women.