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Where To Buy PlayStation 4 In Uganda

Video gaming is one of the best ways of bringing people together, regardless of age or gender. Sony Electronics is one of the largest electronics company in the world, delivering to customers the best of electronics to give optimum entertainment and technological pleasure. With leading cutting-edge technology in the gaming world, the Sony PlayStation has brought ultimate home entertainment experience to customers. The latest game console, the PlayStation 4 was launched in 2013 and is equipped with premium specifications to give premium gaming experience.


The PlayStation 4 places increased emphasis on social interaction and integration with other devices and services. It has been recognized as a standout success, taking note of the complaints of its predecessor, PlayStation 3 and delivering the best of users preferences. It has a wide range of games library, a refined DualShock controller, new console design, and refined connectivity plug for online gaming and media streaming. Made to be versatile, it is able to play an array of over 200 disc-based video games including the popular FIFA, PES, Grand Theft Auto, and many others. The online gaming services allow you to download over 500 games through the PlayStation Network, also called PSN. It is also able to support up to four controllers simultaneously. Fully equipped with 500GB -1TB hard drive, you can be sure to have more than enough space for your numerous games. It has 3 USB port that can be used to charge the controllers or connect external storage devices.


The PS 4 Pro and PS 4 Slim are two variant models of the original with more detailed and unique features. They have an all-matte surface, unlike the standard that has the matte and glossy mix. The PS4 Pro has improved processing power and 4K gaming and video streaming. It is so powerful, that it competes with gaming PCs. The PS4 Slim is the smallest and budget-friendly version with its small build and sleek interface. More suitable for casual gamers, it comes standard with a 500GB hard drive and lesser processing power.


The accompanying controller has been refined to give the best of gaming experience with its new DualShock capacity. It is able to connect wirelessly via Bluetooth and can be recharged via micro-USB when not in use. It has two analog sticks, 4 directional buttons, four action buttons, two bumpers, and two triggers. The capacitive touchpad, built-in speaker and 3.5mm audio jack are newly introduced to give it the best of performance and effects.


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