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A smartwatch is a computerized wristwatch with functionality that has been improved beyond timekeeping. While early models could perform simple tasks, such as calculations, translations, and even game-playing, modern smartwatches are effectively wearable devices. Many are able to operate mobile apps, using a mobile operating system. Some smartwatches function as portable media players, offering FM radio, audio, and even video files to the user via the use of Bluetooth headphones. Some models feature full mobile phone functionalities, being able to make and answer voice calls.
The smartwatch market has come a long way since the original Pebble broke out in 2012, and finally, one is able to make an informed decision about buying the right smartwatch for you. Fast-forward to today and things are very different. Leading the way is the Apple watch but not without its own downsides, and now a lot of people are taking into consideration the fashion dimension of smartwatches with the likes of Michael Kors, Tag Heuer and Casio all making sure of that.

Choosing the Right Smartwatch

The perfect smartwatch should work seamlessly offering the perfect blend of features without making this cumbersome or complex. Furthermore, many devices are geared towards certain kinds of individuals. Here are some of the main factors to weigh if you’re looking to get a smartwatch.
A larger percentage of smartwatches presently on the market act as accessories to a connected mobile phone, so your current choice of handset is going to determine which watch you choose (or the reverse could be the case). The Apple smartwatch only works with iPhones, as you would have guessed but that doesn’t mean iOS users are stuck with it. Android Wear watches also work with the iPhone as well as Pebble. Most smartwatches feature a small digital display for showing the time, date and other notifications even though some are clearer than others.
Another major consideration is the battery life and the display the smartwatch offers has a lot to do with battery longevity. Basically, the kind of display a smartwatch offers and the battery life are inversely proportional. Longer battery life (between a week and a month) means manufacturers have to sacrifice screen quality so you’ll probably end up with an e-paper, low energy LCD as we see in the Pebble smartwatch; they really do not look spectacular but they get the job done. If you’re big on pin-sharp visuals such as the ones you get with the Apple Watch and Android Wear devices, you can expect your smartwatch to last two days at best. It is really a simple choice about what’s most important to you.

Where can I buy Smartwatches?

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