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Every hardware component cannot function without the Software. They work hand in hand. Software is a series of program or code that directs how the hardware component of a system or device should function. Majority of all the devices and gadgets we use make use of software. All applications we download on our mobile phones, tablets, and gadgets are all software. One form of software or the other.

Even games we play on PC or laptop are also software. There are millions of software all over the world. You can purchase software online via download or buying it on a dvd/cd rom. It is high necessary to note the type of software you installing on a particular hardware device. Some software can be compatible with a device and won't be compatible with another device. Before buying any software, you should always the requirements and every other document that accompany that software. For instant, it will be impossible to install an antivirus like Avira or Kaspersky on a MacBook or a system running on Linux. It won't work because they are not from the same vendor or manufacturer.

There are different kinds of software for different kinds of uses. If you want to install an Operating system or format your laptop. You need to know which OS you want to run whether Windows, Linux, Unix, and others. Operating system is a form of computer software that helps with booting of the system. With an Operating System, it will be highly impossible to make use of your PC or laptop. Likewise this applies to your mobile devices.

If you are using a blackberry device, your device is running on BBOS –Blackberry Operating System. Also if you using an Apple product such as iPhone, it runs on iOS which is the Apple Operating System. Without software, the hardware will just be a dormant piece of object. Software brings life into it. Aside the Operating system software, there are utility software such as anti-virus software, back-up software which is used for creating a back-up partition on your hard disk inorder to store your files and documents, disk cleaning software which are used in clearing memory clusters and repairing of bad sectors in hard disk. Another major important software is the anti-virus software.

Viruses are malicious software that can harm and destroy files and documents on your PC or laptop. With an anti-virus software, you can keep your system protected from any malicious harm. The anti-virus security software helps scan the whole PC and external devices, once a virus is detected, it help deletes it thereby keeping your system clean and virus free. Aside the utility software, you have the application software that can be used to carry out specific task and operation. A major application software is the Microsoft Office Software Package.

This is a complete package of office software that can be used for creating and editing documents, creating and editing slides, and storing of data. Microsoft office packages include Ms Word, Ms Excel, Ms Powerpoint, Ms Access, Ms Outlook, Ms Publisher, and so on. The Microsoft office package is one of the most commonly used office application software all over the world. Also graphics artist are not left out. If you love creating and editing images, we have powerful software packages such as Photoshop, Corel Draw, Fireworks, Gimp, and so on. you can also get PC games software online here in Uganda.

Where to Get Authentic Software Packages in Uganda?

As delicate as software are, it is highly important to note fake software are capable of damaging your devices or even corrupt every files and documents on your system. This applies to those that love downloading software for free online, make sure you are downloading from a trusted software vendor else you risk exposing your system to a full scale damage or virus infection. You can avoid all these by purchasing your software from a trusted online market platform here in Uganda. Jumia brings to you authentic software at affordable prices. You can buy your Microsoft Office Package, Graphics Package, Database software package, Code Editor software - for those that loves writing codes and developing applications, Anti-virus packages such as Kaspersky, Avira, Avast, AVG, and so on. If you love creating animations, you can purchase Adobe Animate software package here.

Also for those that loves 3D modelling, you can get 3D model software packages here for low price. Due to the numerous amount of software packages listed on our platform, you can use the search box to find the software you looking for easily. Get your software delivered to you anywhere you are in Uganda. Shop now and pay cash on delivery.