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Wrongly called the "Tecno iPad" by many, the Tecno Phantom Pad undoubtedly is grabbing massive attention. Buy cheap Phantom pads, Apple tablets and Samsung Galaxy tabs at best prices only on Jumia. When people buy Lenovo Yoga Android tablets these days, they can't tell if their love for it is more for the careful body design or for its sheer "horsepower." Buy any Android tablet on Jumia and find out what your reason for liking it will be. The Apple iPad is the universe's veteran tablet, even with a limited budget, you can buy new and used Apple tablets on Jumia in whatever available specs you want; 16GB, 32GB, 64GB; Mini, Air. Buy or sell any of the HP Elitepads for loyal HP customers and Blackberry Playbooks for Blackberry lovers, plus the super versatile Lenovo tablets all on Jumia. Buy a Samsung Galaxy Tab is a good bet to give you a clear statement among a pack of tablet users. Buy and sell cheap clean tabs on Jumia now.

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Shopping from regular stores is no longer trendy since the introduction of online shopping. Various online marketplaces and shopping platforms have emerged, offering a greater variety of products to choose from, at even more competitive prices. With Uganda's number one online shopping, items range from fashion and household appliances to electronics and computers. In particular, the category of mobile phones and tablets has become quite popular. Jumia makes it easy for you to find the right product at the just the right price. Are you looking to buy a tablet? Or are you simply in need of an upgrade from your old one? Jumia offers a range of some of the most revolutionary pieces of modern technology from some of the most reputable brands, including Apple, Samsung, and Google Nexus. With a grand selection like ours, you are bound to be spoilt for choice.
However, when shopping online, it is important not to get carried away. One must take a number of things into consideration before making a purchase. For instance, assuming an iPad Air may be the 'Apple' product of your eye, it still costs more than a number of other tablets. But known for its beautiful design, excellent display, and powerful processors, an iPad is still arguably the most popular tablet in the market today. So could it be worth it? Before you rush to answer that, in comes the Samsung Galaxy. Known as the most reputable manufacturer of Android smartphones, Samsung Galaxy gives Apple a run for 'your' money. The Samsung Galaxy tabs utilize a Samsung user interface and run on Google's Android software but Samsung took the initiative to create alternative applications and services not different from Google's own. This allows you to enjoy the functionality and applications present on the tablets such as the Google Nexus, but without having to spend as much. Many would consider Samsung the better pick, but you can visit Jumia today and see for yourself. Browse our diverse range of tablets and smartphones from a variety of these manufacturers and you are bound to find out which one suits you best.