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Tableware consists of the sets of dishes used for setting a table, for serving food and for dining. Dishes are made of a variety of materials such as earthenware, stoneware, china, porcelain, gold, glass, plastic, acrylic, etc. Tableware products are sold either by the piece or as a matched set for a number of diners such as a set of four, a set of eight, a set of twelve, etc. Usually, large pieces of tableware are purchased for use in restaurants and for use by caterers. Some examples of tableware needed for dining tables are dinner plates, dessert plates, salad plates, side plates, soup bowls, cereal bowls, saucers, teacups, coffee cups, and a variety of cutleries. Tableware also includes a variety of bowls, plates, cups and even a variety of serving dishes used to transport food from the kitchen to the dining area. Serving dishes are also used to separate smaller dishes. Normally, tableware is a great gift idea to a newlywed couple, a birthday gift and even an anniversary gift.

Choosing the Right Dinnerware

Dinnerware is one of the most important needs in a home especially when you are planning to have visitors come over for a get-together dinner or lunch. Normally, a set of dinnerware prepackages with twenty four pieces in a box is known as the starter jet. It consists of four dinner plates, four salad plates, four mugs, four teacups with saucers and four soup-cereal bowls. Before going all out and getting a set of this, there are certain considerations you have to put in mind.

• You have to first decide if you are looking to get a casual dinnerware or a formal set. Usually, casual dinnerware is designed for everyday use while formal dinnerware is usually more delicate and it is made or entertaining guests and for holidays.
• You have to define what other functions your set will have. You may want to consider if you will be using your set for indoor purposes alone of whether you will be using it for both indoor dining and alfresco dining. If you plan on getting a set for outdoor dining, consider getting unbreakable materials such as metal or laminate.
• You may decide to get a set of dinnerware which matches the general décor and theme of your kitchen or where you intend to display the items.
• Decide on the shape and texture of the set you wish to buy.
• Most importantly, consider your budget and make sure to get the best deal within your budget.

Tableware Care Tips

• Most casual dinnerware is made of melamine which allows them not to scratch easily. Casual dinnerware also does not break and it is dishwasher safe. However, they are not microwave safe as they can melt or prove other forms of danger.
• Washing by hand is the preferred method for certain delicate items of dinnerware.
• Make sure to store your tableware items properly as bad storage will not make them last a very long time.

Where to Buy Tableware Online

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