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Dresses have come a long way in the women's fashion industry. These apparel have existed for as long as we can remember, and thanks to the recent advances made in the world of style and fashion trends, there are now various types and models of dresses that are designed to suit specific occasions. This makes them the most convenient outfits as well as the most difficult to select. With dresses, you do not have to worry about matching your upper and lower body because it is one piece. However, there is always the question of comfort and convenience. Will the dress be too revealing? Or will it be just right? Will it be the right dress to wear to that event or occasion? Assuming you have a party to attend. You would want to find something that you could wear again and again while still having it looking fresh and stylish, and still complementing your body and skin tone with the right color and cut. And will you be settled in your dress or will you be adjusting it the whole time? Certain dresses on Jumia may be affordable and in the color and design that you have been looking for, but it is always important to focus more on the choice of fabric to accentuate your curves and make you feel comfortable. For this reason, it is always best to select from a variety and Jumia provides just that. Browse our vast selection of women's dresses and find the perfect one for you at the perfect price.