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Formal Shoes for Women

When shopping for women's clothing and women's accessories, one needs to buy the right items for the right occasion. There is nothing more awkward than being out of place for an event when you wear the wrong outfit. That is why there are different outfits for different events; parties, business meetings, dinners and even church.

Just like there are different outfits for different situations, so also do the accessories differ. For example, one would not wear a dress and then pair it with formal shoes. Women's formal shoes are meant for formal outfits, worn to work, business meetings and proposals, and basically event that is very formal. Although there are formal dinners as well, there are also shoes for that.

Just because the word formal is mentioned a lot in this text, does not mean one has to be boring and wear ugly shoes. One can be daring with colors and shoe styles. One of the many things that depends on is the dress code of the office. One needs to know exactly what the company wants and to what length they can go. With that being sorted out, it is now left to you and your reservations to know exactly what you want.

There are styles of shoes that one can wear, that could be considered formal. Some of them are listed below.

Women's pumps: these can have a pointed or rounded toe and are mostly made of leather. The heels usually start from 2 inches so they are rather comfortable and are considered to be the shoes for the working woman. They come in different varieties styles and colors, so for an office with laidback rules on dressing up, one can always try out some other colors other than black or brown.
• Slingback shoes: These kind of shoes also have a pointed or rounded toe, a bit of a heel, and a strap that starts from the ankle and pulls up around the back of the foot, leaving an exposed heel. They are not totally covering but can still be worn to the office and for formal events.
High heels: this is a huge category because most shoes are high heels, so long as the heel is over 2 inches and it gives the impression of someone walking on the tip of their toes. These shoes can be worn to formal events and on a range of formal outfits, and they look great. The key to always be comfortable in the heels you wear, so you don't walk funny or twist your ankle at the end of the day.
• Flats: flats can be worn on casual wears, like shirts and jeans. If you work in an office that lets you go casual on Fridays, you can easily go for sandals or flat pumps.

Where to Buy Formal Shoes for Women

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