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The Xbox 360 offer cutting edge technology within existing gaming systems, it is an excellent choice and a budget-friendly device for every family to have. Since the time it was released some times ago, the gadget has had to come up with new features and games that share a resemblance with those currently existing. The game console has had to undergo a series of updates over the years so as to meet up with modern technology for seamless gaming sessions.


The device carries a USB port and an HDMI output, which makes it possible to play your favourite video games in HD and surround sound on your home theatre systems. Built with 4 USB ports, allowing you room to plug in whatever you want with a USB cable. Displaying an infrared port which enables you to control your console with the use of universal remote control. This system is configured in a way that gives you an option to replace the hard drive and for a future upgrade in order to increase the memory space on the gadget.


This device is one of the most popular of all time according to the statistic on game popularity. Due to its popularity and recognition all over the world, there has been a wide range of video games of high quality developed for this piece along with many accessories that lets you enhance your gaming experience.


To enjoy your Microsoft Xbox 360 video game, you need the right type of accessories that make game time more exciting and pleasurable with your friends and competitors. From getting extra sensor bars and controllers for multiplayer and interactive games to adapters, headsets, cables and many more. You will find a wide range of these high-quality accessories on our platform from reputable manufacturers all around the world at low prices.


Where to Buy Xbox One Online

Order for your affordable Microsoft Xbox 360 game console as well as your favourite video game for your device online at Jumia Uganda. Choose one of our payment methods and enjoy a discount on every purchase make and you will also enjoy the benefit of free delivery on some selected items.