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Buy a cheap LCD monitor on Jumia and get hot deals near you. Shop HP monitors on Jumia that come with bright high resolution screens with as much as 16 million colours and are so great for watching high definition videos. At the same time, LCDs on Jumia are slim, truly flat, can save you a lot of space, and afford you unimaginable portability when the need arises. You can get many specs that are light, compact, consume low power and cost less, right here. Because you can easily see everything you want from any angle on them, LCD monitors on Jumia are optimised for working on documents in the office and enjoying entertainment at home, such as watching movies or playing games.

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There's a lot of monitor variety to choose from on Jumia: Dell or LG monitors, 17-inches or 19-inches screen, black monitors or white monitors, LCDs with or without built-in speakers, models that stand on a desk or those you can mount on your wall. Whether you want to buy or sell a monitor, Jumia is the right place to get the best price bargains and the best place online to build wealth selling your products.