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Jumia Uganda is always keen on facilitating its customers lives, therefore, we’re providing you with a huge supermarket to your doorstep or any place you choose. You can find all your home needs, in addition to your personal wants at our supermarket. Starting from detergent and washing powders for clothes to breakfast snacks and beverage. Get the best grocery shopping online without the need to move from your house and wait in the long cashier line.

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Get all your home necessities such as household cleaners, air fresheners, paper tissues and wipes from Jumia Uganda supermarket. You can find various types of food either canned food or breakfast food at our website. Choose between a huge variety of drinks what exactly you admire either it’s cappuccino, espresso or soft drinks. You can have everything you need for your home, a road trip or even a movie night at Jumia Uganda. Do you want to have the healthiest breakfast ever? Get oatmeal, jam and honey from Jumia UG at special prices. You can cook rice, pasta, vegetables and many more with Jumia UG.

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What about having a dessert? Discover our chocolate and candy category which is considered the category of cravings. You can find jelly beans, lollipops, gummy candy, mints and chocolate of various types online. We never forget about your kids, that’s why we have a special catalog for your baby necessities such as baby diapers, food, shampoo, baby oil and many more. You can also find haircare products, skincare and personal care products in our supermarket.